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Professional Development

Practitioners working in the adult foundational learning field need a variety of tools to intentionally design and deliver programs to meet the diverse, emergent and often complex needs of adults coming to their programs.

Calgary Learns offers a suite of support including:

Professional Development Events

Check out our upcoming Workshops,Community Conversations, and Professional Learning Communities.  Click on the link for workshop details and registration.  To stay informed about upcoming PD opportunities and events, sign up for the Calgary Learns newsletter, The Connector.


Mentoring support is available for practitioners and program staff incorporating best practices and trauma informed approaches that meet the specific needs of adults learning at the foundational level.  We partner with our funded agencies to help identify and address gaps in the adult foundational learning field. We are also committed to working with you to create solutions to challenges that arise in the design and delivery of your programs.  

For mentoring support, please contact


Over the past decade, there have been some excellent resources developed for the adult foundational learning field. We seek to establish dynamic and collaborative conversations between research and practice. A curated collection will be accessible soon.  If there is other research that you think should be shared or if you are looking for resources for your adult foundational programs, feel free to contact  

Stepping Into Community is a handbook of practical processes, strategies and resources written to strengthen your knowledge and confidence in building stronger connections within communities and to support your work towards achieving the CALP vision and outcomes.

Literacy and Foundational Learning

In Their Own Words: What Scholars and Teachers Want You to Know About Why and How to Apply the Science of Learning in Your Academic Setting
There has been a continually growing body of scholarship focusing on conditions that promote students’ learning, retention, and transfer of academic knowledge. The term ‘science of learning’ is often used to describe this field of specialization. This book provides the next-generation of work in this area: applying the concepts from the science of learning to course-based research.

Literacy and Disabilities

Answers May Vary: Incorporating Literacy and Other Essential Skills into Daily Life for Adults with Development Disabilities
Answers May Vary Guidebook
Answers May Vary Facilitator Manual
Answers May Vary Handouts, Master Materials, and Equipment
New workplace literacy resources for people with diverse abilities by ABC Life Literacy Canada

English Language Learners

The Biliteracy Project outlines a curriculum framework for adult English language learners who are developing literacy skills for the first time in any language.
An Early Look into Leveraging the Home Language for Biliteracy in the LESLLA Context by Sangita Thapa and Theresa Wall


Facilitation Questions to Develop Students’ Mathematical Thinking by Literacy Minnesota
Shifting the Gaze: From the Numerate Individual to Their Numerate Environment  – This paper contributes to the growing interest and research in adult numeracy by proposing and illustrating a framework for describing and analysing the contexts in which adults engage in numeracy.

Other CALP PD Providers 

  • The Community Learning Network (CLN) hosts and manages the CALP Portal, , where CALP funded (includes Calgary Learns funded programs) staff, volunteers, partners and community stakeholders can connect through online forums, access the Resources library and collection of e-learning workshops, find and register for PD, training and networking opportunities, etc..  We encourage practitioners to sign up for a free account.
  • Alberta Routes (part of NorQuest College) supports and builds the capacity of ESL providers so they can offer culturally integrated English language programs and services to enhance economic and social integration in rural communities for adult newcomers.