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Indigenous Professional Development

In order to best serve Indigenous adults, who attend foundational programs, Calgary Learns is committed to supporting agencies and facilitators to build tools to support Indigenous adults, as well enhance their own knowledge and understanding of Indigenous communities where they operate and reside. With enhanced knowledge and understanding of Indigenous worldviews and ways of knowing (histories, cultures, identities and experiences), facilitators will be better equipped to respond to the needs of learners in their programs.

Our suite of PD offerings includes:

Professional Development Events

Watch for Indigenous specific PD Events on our PD calendar or sign up for our newsletter to keep current on our PD workshops and learning opportunities.

Some repeating Indigenous learning events include:

  • Indigenous Learning Circle: Our learning circle provides staff from foundational programs to gather to start an intentional path of learning and action related to understanding Indigenous history, settler history, the impact of the sorrow systems. By coming together monthly over a five-month period, we want the circle experience to support our grant funded programs to build learning programs and create learning spaces that are culturally safe and welcoming and meet the learning needs of Indigenous adults.
  • Blanket Exercise: The Blanket Exercise is an experiential teaching tool that explores the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in the land we now know as Canada. The two to three-hour workshops cover pre-contact, treaty-making, colonization, and resistance in an interactive activity. The concluding Talking Circle allows participants to discuss the experience, feelings and insights, and to ask questions to deepen their understanding.

If interested in joining a waitlist for the next learning circle or Blanket Exercise or sharing suggestions for future Indigenous learning opportunities to support the adult foundational learning community, email

Blog – Sihtoskâtowin Circle

Sihtoskâtowin is a Cree principle that is the act of supporting and helping each other as well as looking out for one another; collective support for the wellness, safety, caring and protection of community (Wahkohtowin Law and Governance Lodge).

Every month the Indigenous Education Liaison will be sharing blog articles that cover a variety of topics that would help facilitators and agencies better understand and support Indigenous learners.

Check out our blog posts.


Mentoring and Indigenous cultural support is available for practitioners and program staff incorporating best practices and trauma-informed approaches that meet the specific needs of adults learning at the foundational level. We partner with our funded agencies to identify and meet the needs of Indigenous learners within the program design and delivery.
For mentoring support, please contact