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Indigenous Foundational Programs

Looking for a Program?

Are you an adult (18+) interested in returning to learning to build your basic skills and confidence? 

Are you a friend, family, or community agency staff hoping to refer someone you know to an Indigenous program that aligns with their foundational needs? 

Calgary Learns provides grants to foundational level learning programs for Indigenous adults. All of these programs are:

  • Designed specifically for Indigenous adults (18+) 
  • Free or low cost
  • Part-time

Click HERE to see the list of foundational programs that Calgary Learns currently funds for Indigenous adults.

Looking for Grants for an Indigenous Program?

Are you a non-profit looking for grant support for part-time, foundational learning programming for Indigenous adults  in Calgary? Calgary Learns has an annual call for applications for Indigenous program and initiative grants each fall (application deadline January 15). 

See our granting page for more details and eligibility. Our Grant Liaison is always happy to talk to you. Please contact with any questions or to discuss a possible application. For timely notice of all Calgary Learns funding opportunities, we invite you to sign up for our newsletter.