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Calgary Learns is committed to Reconciliation. We know that many Indigenous adults’ education journeys have been adversely impacted by the sorrow systems (Residential Schools, Day School, Sixties Scoop, etc.).

Our 2023-2025 Strategic Plan reflects our desire to address these complex needs. By setting intentional strategic priorities in each pillar of our work, we remain focused on our commitment to better serve Indigenous adults with foundational learning needs. In order to best serve the needs of adults learning at the foundational level, Calgary Learns has been intentionally engaged with the Indigenous community. Returning to learning for Indigenous adults has added complexity. It is critical for facilitators and program designers to understand Indigenous history and worldviews, and to ground this knowledge into safe and culturally appropriate learning spaces. This is our vision for our path to reconciliACTION.

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“When aiming to understand topics such as literacy, it is paramount to understand that education was weaponized against Indigenous people for more than 100 years, and that many of those practices have evolved, not disappeared. The ongoing systemic challenges facing Indigenous people in Canada needs to be recognized, discussed and considered when evaluating data, understanding findings and viewing the information provided within this document.” Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth (USAY) – Indigenous Literacy Assessment
From May 2020 to June 2021, USAY conducted an information-gathering project among 152 Indigenous adults within the City of Calgary focused on literacy. The intent of the Indigenous Literacy Assessment was to deepen understanding so that future initiatives can make informed decisions that improve literacy skills among Indigenous adults by better understanding their unique needs and the environments of learning that they exist in. The findings further contextualize our understanding of education, literacy, and foundational learning challenges, and provide recommendations for respectful, meaningful, culturally informed learning pathways for Indigenous adult learners.
Calgary Learns was honoured to support this initiative.

Calgary Learns is grateful for the partnership we have with The Calgary Foundation. They have supported our work towards Reconciliation and strengthening learning pathways for Indigenous adult learners.

We respectfully acknowledge The Calgary Foundation land acknowledgement: