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Calgary Learns is a granting council in Alberta’s Community Adult Learning Program (CALP). Calgary Learns allocates and stewards CALP funding within our community. Through a competitive granting program, we provide grants for local learning opportunities that support literacy and foundational learning. Our priority funding areas include adult literacy, English language learning, numeracy, basic digital skills, and skills for learning.

Supported by the Ministry of Advanced Education, Calgary Learns is one of the over 90 CALPs in Alberta who provide Adult Literacy and Foundational Learning opportunities to financially and socially barriered adult learners (18+).

Current Calls for Application

We have no current calls for applications. Our upcoming calls for application will be posted late in the fall of 2023 and include:

Program Grants
Indigenous Program Grants
Indigenous Initiative Grants

The deadline for these applications is January 15.


Our Grant Liaison is always happy to talk to you. Please contact with any questions, comments, concerns, or to discuss your application.

For timely notice of all Calgary Learns granting opportunities, we invite you to sign up for our newsletter.