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Calgary Learns is a granting council in Alberta’s Community Adult Learning Program (CALP). Calgary Learns allocates and stewards CALP funding within our community through a competitive granting program for local learning opportunities that support Literacy and Foundational Learning (LFL: adult literacy, English language learning, numeracy, basic digital skills, skills for learning) and Community Capacity Building (CCB).

Supported by the Ministry of Skilled Trades and Professions, Calgary Learns is one of the over 80 CALPs in Alberta who provide Adult Literacy and Foundational Learning opportunities to financially and socially barriered adult learners (18+).

Current Calls for Application

Special Call for Applications – Ukrainian Program Grants

Calgary Learns recognizes the pressing need to provide programming and support to help Ukrainian adults arriving in Calgary under the CUEAT Visa. Grants will be considered for organizations who are providing programs for Ukrainian adults to quickly learn basic English (up to CLB 4) and to develop skills which lead to employment.

Please Note – This special call to address the foundational learning and skill development needs of Ukrainian Evacuees is contingent upon Calgary Learns receiving financial support from the Ministry of Skilled Trades and Professions.

Programs would need to be delivered between July 8, 2023-June 30, 2024. 

Please read the Ukrainian Program Grant Call for Applications for more details.

To ensure fit, we want to connect with you prior to sending you the application package. Please contact the Grant Liaison ( or  (403) 266.6444   (Ext 2) to arrange a conversation. 

For more information, follow these links:


Our Grant Liaison is always happy to talk to you. Please contact with any questions, comments, concerns, or to discuss your application.

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