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Guiding Principles

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Keep learners at the centre

CALP practitioners strive to offer learner-centred programming, driven by learners’ goals and responsive to learners’ needs. The online learning environment requires the same focus on learner-centred practices.

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Focus on learning, not on technology

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement and the trendy gadgets the online world can offer, or get bogged down in technical challenges or glitches. But practitioners must not be distracted by – or expect themselves to know everything about – all the digital tools and the technology available for online program delivery. Technology is not the focus. It is the tool for connection. The learning is the focus.

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Embrace digital skills as foundational learning

More than ever, the digital skills needed to communicate and to do things at home, at work, and in the community are essential for everyone. They are foundational learning skills. All of the challenges and hiccups we encounter as we onboard learners or try new things online, and all the skills needed to get past those challenges, are not detracting from foundational learning – they ARE foundational learning.

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Be flexible

To be flexible means to be ready and able to adapt to different circumstances. Practitioners in the adult foundational learning community know the value of being flexible because it is a crucial part of responding to learners’ needs. Flexibility is also essential in the online learning space, not just to respond to learners’ needs and the technical challenges that come with online learning but also in being willing to take advantage of the new opportunities the online environment offers that never existed before in CALP programming.