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Digital Divide

Practitioner Tool

This Practitioner Resource addresses a new need, one that did not previously exist in Alberta’s CALP system: how can we offer effective adult foundational learning through online delivery?

While there is no simple answer to this question, this resource contains a wealth of wise strategies and principles, grounded in the experience of practitioners in the field. It is meant to guide your thinking and practice as you transition into an online space with adult foundational learners.

Open Practitioner Tool PDF

The full Practitioner Tool is available to view on this website by clicking the links below.
It is also available as a downloadable document (PDF) here (Note: the complete document is 29 pages.)
Each section of the tool has its own summary document (PDF) called a Tipsheet located on that section’s webpage.

Guiding Principles

Throughout our engagement with practitioners in the Digital Divide Project, these four concepts emerged as the guiding principles behind all the strategies. They reflect underlying values that guide practitioners in ways of thinking, planning, and being in the online learning environment.

White icon on a blue background representing a smiling person

Keep learners at the centre

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White icon on a blue background representing conversation

Focus on learning, not on technology

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Embrace digital skills as foundational learning

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Be flexible

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Wise Strategies

Practitioners suggested many wise strategies for effective online delivery of CALP programming. We have organized the strategies into three main groups, each with three subgroups.

White icon on a red background representing the caring for people

Focus on taking care of people and relationships in online learning environments

White icon on a green background representing the teaching

Teaching and Learning

Focus on engaging in the process of online learning

White icon on an orange background representing the internet.

Supporting and Accessing Technology

Focus on offering the resources and support needed for delivering effective online learning

This Digital Divide Practitioner Tool recognizes and celebrates the knowledge, expertise, and experience of the community-based adult foundational learning practitioners who pivoted to support, design, and deliver online, remote, and blended learning in Alberta.

It is our hope that this tool shares that combined wisdom such that it contributes to practitioners feeling supported, inspired, and encouraged in their work in this new landscape of online learning.